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Forums » Mani Darbi » Mana Dailrade » Mercy or no?
Mercy or no?
gintsd2 Datums: Saturday, 2007-11-03, 7:46 PM | Zinojums # 1
Grupa: Lietotajs
Posti: 130
Respekts: -3
Status: Offline
On neck
Bloodrage in
Warriors eyes

It would be
Warrior who is mercy
But no!
The blood from arteria

The blood gets out,
The head is chomped
Theres no mercy
Now on this worlds

Its all in war
Now all kill
And get killed
No mercy!

Now use your shotgon
Boom someones head
Get fun, when kill someone

Gray Allkaner is on the stage
Fuck on your sprees
Fuck on your rage.
Forums » Mani Darbi » Mana Dailrade » Mercy or no?
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